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WE HAVE MOVED! Our company has recently relocated to the San Antonio Texas region. We will be updating our rate map and other features soon.

About Portable Sawmills

A portable sawmill is a machine that consists of a blade either circular or band, and a guide system that cuts logs into boards, square timbers, or cants. Portable sawmills are light and compact compared to stationary sawmills. They are transported either in the back of a pick up, on a trailer, or they may have their own trailer axle and hitch.

Milling Services

We bring the sawmill to your site . We set it up next to your logs, load them into the sawmill using the the most modern equipment in the industry.
We saw your logs into boards, beams, or slabs based on your requirements. Sawing into boards will leave a rough cut. They can be left in the rough condition or planed down for furniture or cabinet making.

Rate Map
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for San Antonio Area

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Email: DCJconstruction@yahoo.com

About Our Sawmill

We use the Wood-Mizer LT35, a real workhorse of a machine. Fitted out with hydraulic loading arms and hydraulic log rollers as safety features, this compact sawmill packs a lot of power to get the job done.

Do you need blanks or off-cuts for your woodcraft projects? Give us a call or drop us an email to see what we have available in stock. Here are a few samples.

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